Water Color Affects Fishing Success

Posted by Buck Perry on 4/5/2017 to fishing guide

As fishermen, we will find that water color has a greater effect on the degree of our fishing success, or failure than any other water condition.

Most fishermen have the wrong idea about "good-looking" water. They see a crystal clear lake and the reaction is "Oh boy! Look at that beautiful fishing water." Nothing could be more wrong.

Structure Must Be Our Fishing Guide

Posted by Buck Perry on 4/3/2017 to fishing guide

Much of the difficulty of finding and catching fish has to do with the interpretation of water conditions. You and I must use the features (structure, breaks, breaklines, deep water) in a lake reservoir, pond, stream, etc.) as our guide to where the fish will be. These features are to be used at all times, regardless of the weather, season, lake type, or mood of the fish.